Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I plan my future...

Mode: yes, i scroll a lot of plans! but, suratan Allah adalah sebaik-baik perancangan!

I past my own budget already! opst, nyway...not passed yet! but...in-the-middle-to-passing-by~
Dah sampai satu tahap, yg aku rs....aku redha dgn segala ketentuan! which is, kriteria yg aku list kan a-long-time-a-go, dah byk berubah! experience teach me how to grow~yes, i luv to use these phase! coz it's real! & it's really happend!

It's Abah's wish! i knew that! it's burden me actually! REALLY! but, by times goes around, let the wish juz go with the flow~eventhough Abah never ask me straight to the point! so, i thought, it will be juz fine....kemon Abah, dun worry bout me hokeh! i will be fine!! absolutely FINE!

Setiap tahun, kiter rancang so many plans to do! tp, x semua tercapai! sbb, Allah akan let juz the good things happend to us! juz mark the word! & for those plan which is not come true, juz keep smiling! & TRUST ALLAH....HE decide something better~

Chill lahh~

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